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Winter Pond Redevelopment

We often get asked what do we do through the winter months as it often perceived that koi are a seasonal product and to a certain extent this is true but as a koi farm the winter months give us time to do pond maintenance, redevelopment of existing ponds and systems, look after all the koi being held for sale as well as those being kept for next seasons stock for growing on. This involves more than 110 ponds and recirculation systems as well as still offering online and click and collect koi for sale.

Over the next few weeks we will post some photos and info about some of the farm improvements we are currently doing.

First up are these 2 fry ponds getting a new polytunnel installed over them they are 60ft long 8ft wide and 2ft deep holding around 6,000 gallons these are only used from April to September for growing batches of fry to fingerlings.



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