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high grade koi


We have a strict grading policy and our high grade fish represent the best 5-10% of all our fish. Recommended for experienced Koi keepers. Our small high grades are usually only available around September and March due to limited numbers. Most of our larger individually priced high grade koi can be found on our online shop.

2-3"    £5 each         Box of 20    £80

3-4"    £7.50 each    Box of 20    £130

4-5"    £12.50 each  Box of 15    £150

5-6"    £20 each       Box of 10    £180

6-8"    £40 each       Box of 5      £175

8-10"  £65 each       Box of 3      £165

10"+     Individually priced


As all of our koi are bred on the farm, the availability of our koi tends to be seasonal. If you are interested in small high quality koi, the best time of year to contact us is around September-October and March-April. For our 6" + koi in all grades, we harvest the growing koi from our farm every year throughout September and October and bring most of the koi into the shop. This means that we generally have the best selection of koi available from September - April. During the summer months of May - August our stock levels tend to be at the lowest so if you are planning a visit to the shop during this time for anything specific it is worth giving us a call on 015909 682010 to check availability first.

Please note, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required if you wish to collect a box of koi from the shop. This is not an availability list.

standard grade koi

Our most popular range of Koi, and a great way to gain a wide range of varieties for a very competitive price.  Please note that in standard grade mixed boxes, we are not able to guarantee specified varieties.  They will be a mix of our selection although we will always use any requests as a guideline whilst choosing your fish.

1-2"        £1 each        Box of 100     £75

2-3"      £2 each      Box of 40     £60

3-4"      £3 each      Box of 25     £65

4-5"      £5 each      Box of 15     £70

6-8"      £30 each      Box of 5     £125

8-10"    £40 each      Box of 3     £105

10-12"  £60 each     Box of 2      £100

12"+     Individually priced



C grade koi

An increasing popular way to buy Koi.  Often referred to as pond fillers, these are the plainer fish from our breedings.  We still aim to provide the best mix of colours that we can, but these fish are strictly our selection only. Available only as a box, not individually:

1-2"     Box of 100     £50

2-3"     Box of 50       £50

3-4"     Box of 30       £50

4-5"     Box of 20       £50

6-8"     Box of 5         £60

8-10"   Box of 3         £60



6-8 Week koi fry

Prices inclusive of VAT, delivery not included. (Delivery £25 for up to 1000 fry)

These Fry average 15-22mm.
This size of fry are sold as mixed variety.  We generally aim to supply 4-6 different types with each batch.  This will depend upon which varieties are of the correct size at the time of dispatch.
These fry are pre-weaned onto a dry crumb (food packs are available), making them much easier to look after than our 2 week old fry.



100               £30

250               £60

500               £100

1000             £165


2-3 Week koi fry


Prices inclusive of VAT, delivery not included. (Delivery £25 for up to 2000 fry)

These fry average 10-15mm
2-3 week old koi are supplied ungraded straight from our hatchery.  These are usually available from late April through to late June.  We only breed one or two varieties at any one time, so if you want a large mix of varieties, you may have to take them in seperate batches throughout our breeding season.  Please note minimum quantity order is 250.
We recommend that this age of fry are fed on live brine shrimp.  For this reason we recommend these only for experienced fish keepers.  For more novice hobbyists, we suggest looking at the 6 week old fry below, that are pre weaned onto dry diets.



250               £30

500               £55

1000             £90