Koi Fry are a great way to expand your enjoyment of fish keeping.  We are able to supply you with fry from most of our breedings throughout our breeding season.  Please bear in mind if you are too specific with the varieties you require, you may miss out on fry altogether if that variety does not become available.  This may be because we have chosen not to spawn them, that we have none spare (we need to stock our farm first!), or that egg/fry quality was too poor.  

Below is a description of the fry we can supply and prices.  

We recommend that you contact us early in the year to discuss your requirements and get onto the waiting list.


Usually available from May - July. Prices inclusive of VAT, delivery not included. (Delivery £25 for up to 2000 fry)

These fry average 10-15mm
2-3 week old koi are supplied ungraded straight from our hatchery.  These are usually available from late April through to late June.  We only breed one or two varieties at any one time, so if you want a large mix of varieties, you may have to take them in separate batches throughout our breeding season.  Please note minimum quantity order is 250.
We recommend that this age of fry are fed on live brine shrimp and they should not .  For this reason we recommend these only for experienced fish keepers.  For more novice hobbyists, we suggest looking at the 6 week old fry below, that are pre weaned onto dry diets.


250        £30.00

500        £55.00

1000      £90.00

2-3Week old fry

Usually available from May - July. Prices inclusive of VAT, delivery not included. (Delivery £25 for up to 1000 fry)

These Fry average 15-22mm.
This size of fry are sold as mixed variety.  We generally aim to supply 4-6 different types with each batch.  This will depend upon which varieties are of the correct size at the time of dispatch.
These fry are pre-weaned onto a dry crumb (food packs are available), making them much easier to look after than our 2 week old fry.



100        £30.00

250        £60.00

500        £100.00

1000      £165.00

6-8Week old fry

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