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Sorting through more of last years koi

While sorting through a pond of last year's babies we put a few bowls together to film, the first bowl are mix of high quality mizuno ogon doitsu matsuba and kin matsuba. Second bowl are some of the Mark Gardner kujaku line offspring which are starting to blossom as they grow into some very nice quality koi.

Third bowl is of the Mark Gardner line goshiki which although slower growing are making up for it in the bright floating beni which looks so good on goshiki. Last bowl is mix of kikusui and beni kikokuryu, the kikusui are from our own line the beni kikokuryu are from Marks these while lots were looking great upto this spring the hot weather which we have had has increased growth but caused most of the beni patterns to fade away leaving just kikokuryu! Nice but not what we hoped for but that's koi and a change if parent combination for this season will hopefully fix this.

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