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Mark Gardner Koi

This video was taken on June 10th in it we can see the 3 parent sets from Linda Gardner which are Kujaku , Beni kikokuryu and Goshiki. These were successfully spawned at same time as another 6 parent sets of new parent koi we obtained from Gatwick koi earlier this year, these along with all our other rounds of breedings means this season we have spawned a total 33 females.

The eggs from all 3 sets of the Mark Gardner line koi were viable and around 20,000 fry from each set were kept here on the farm in their own separate ponds to be gone through when they reach 1-2 inch at 10-12 weeks old. We could not have hoped that all 3 sets would spawn so readily all on the same morning and that the egg quality would be good on all 3 lots. This doesn't happen very often in the world of koi breeding that things go so smoothly. We hope to keep 1,000 from each of the parent sets after the first cull early September.

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