6mm Wheatgerm

6mm Wheatgerm

Floating pellet designed for easy digestion and maintenance of health in low water temperatures,This food is high in vitamins for maintenance and immunity and suitable for water temperatures 6°C+

Suitable for koi 6"+

Your food will be bagged up and sent in a courier pack by our trusted overnight Courier, who have provided us with an outstanding service for more than 10 years.  A specific day will be arranged with you, so you can arrange for someone to be present at the time of delivery.  

Please note we can arrange food to be with you on the following days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Delivery time should be before 4pm

Delivery charges:

£5 for up to 1kg

£8 for 1-5kg

£15 for 6-30kg

If you wish to order food that we stock in addition to Koi, you will only have to pay one delivery charge dependent on the total combined weight of the orders. This will start from £25

Orders containing koi can only be delivered on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.