40 x 2-3"Standard Grade Koi

40 x 2-3"Standard Grade Koi


Photo is of the sample batch. 

Mix changes on a regular basis so contact us for more information.

We recommend that any small (<5") or young (< 6 months old) koi be kept separate from all other fish stocks. Due to their weak immune system, if mixed with other koi we cannot guarantee their well being.

These are our most popular range of Koi. These are excellent examples of their variety, generally sold as mixed batches to give you examples of as many varieties as possible, subject to availability. We will aim to include specified varieties if we can, but this is not as guaranteed as when you order high grade fish from us. These fish are the best patterned fish from our spawnings, with the exeption of those reserved for higher A grade fish (see below).An example of a standard grade mix would include Kohaku, Shusui, Sanke, Ogon, Hariwake, Matsuba, Hi Utsuri, Chagoi, with other varieties as available. Generally, the smaller size ordered the greater the mix will be.


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