2 x 10-12" Standard Grade Koi

2 x 10-12" Standard Grade Koi


Photo is of the sample batch. 

Choice of Kohaku, Sanke, Ginrin Asagi, Doitsu Karashigoi, Doitsu Platinum Ogon and Mizuno Ogon. Please let us know your preferred varieties.


We are able to supply fish for all budgets and tastes, but below is a basic guideline to our Koi grading policy.

Koi Fry

Generally sold ungraded from the hatchery. The mix will therefore include all fish from very plain to very good fish.  The percentage of good fish will depend upon the varieties included.  For example, shusui and metallic varieties breed more 'true' to their breed/parents than Kohaku, that generally have a very low percentage of patterned fish.
Fry are normally available from May to July, and are available in two age ranges. 2-3 week old (10mm) are for more experienced keepers, as they still require live artemia for feed. The more popular 6-8 week old fry(15-20mm), are pre-weaned to dry diets, that can be supplied with the fish.
Availability is limited and it is recommended that you call early to join the waiting list.

C grade Koi

These are fish that do not fit into our other grades below.  For example, they will not have the pattern or depth of colour for their variety.  Examples would be Kohaku with little orange pattern, Sanke with too much black, metallics without clean enough heads (low lustre), or plain coloured koi (plain orange, plain white).  They are very popular boxes of fish, very hardy pond fillers, or for gaining experience of rearing young Koi before moving onto higher grade fish.  As with all our boxes, we aim to give you the best mix of colours available at the time.

Standard Grade Koi

Our most popular fish, and the fish that are sold in all auctions where no other grade is mentioned.  These are excellent examples of their variety, generally sold as mixed batches to give you examples of as many varieties as possible, subject to availability.  We will aim to include specified varieties if we can, but this is not as guaranteed as when you order high grade fish from us.  These fish are the best patterned fish from our spawnings, with the exeption of those reserved for higher A grade fish (see below).
An example of a standard grade mix would include Kohaku, Shusui, Sanke, Ogon, Hariwake, Matsuba, Hi Utsuri, Chagoi, with other varieties as available. Generally, the smaller size ordered the greater the mix will be.

High (A) grade Koi

Our top fish are selected firstly on pattern and depth of colour in relation to both their age and variety, based on our experience of their development.  With this in mind the fish are also judged on their future potential, for growth, and the depth and longevity of their colour and pattern.  Our high grade fish are available in all varieties, though the majority of the more expensive fish will always be Kohaku, Sanke, Showa and Utsuri.  To understand this you have to look at a few factors.  Large investment in broodfish, lower fry survival/high fry mutation due to genetically weaker immune system (inbreeding in these bloodlines to develop the variety), very low percentage of fry true to variety/parents, which leads back to the high broodfish cost.  Our high grade fish represent less than 2% of our total output each season, due partly to the issues discussed above, and also to our strict grading policy.


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